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Here's What You'll Get:

  • ​Lifetime access to the Video Savvy Training Portal (value $2,499) where you will learn everything you need to know about:
  • The Techie Stuff - setting up your home studio, framing, editing, hosting and suitable equipment for every budget
  • Present Like A Pro - How to overcome fear barriers to look and sound your best on camera.
  • Killer Scripts - Learn to write a killer script every time using my proven formula.
  • Profitability - How to use your videos in your business and ensure they convert to sales
  • Live Q&As, Access video and digital marketing experts for one year (value $3,200)
  • Don't leave it to chance! Fast track your results!
  • $5700 worth of value for just $197!
  • Limited time offer. Book your course now!

"I gained the confidence to communicate authentically with my audience."

"I have learned so much from Tracy and gained the confidence to communicate authentically with my audience. I am thrilled at how professional my video now looks."

"I needed some support and training"

"I found presenting at first terrifying. I realised I needed to do this for my business and to do this well I needed some support and training, so I enlisted the help of Tracy. Now I’m a lot more confident to authentically speak to camera when I work with my clients.

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